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I believe every woman has a powerful purpose waiting to be fulfilled.  

I know what it's like to feel disempowered, unqualified, and unworthy of my dreams. Early in my career as a marketing and branding specialist, I was afraid to speak my truth and would actively avoid stepping into big leadership roles. I blamed it on external factors but the truth was, it was all me. I had a fear of being seen and showing my authentic self. And every time I would take a step towards making my dreams of entrepreneurship a reality, I would unconsciously self-sabotage.


It's a vicious cycle and the only way out of is to dig in and do the work. Turns out the way out of my disempowerment was to turn my focus within. Once I did the inner-work my external world transformed in the most amazing ways.


I welcomed opportunities that would've petrified me in the past - like becoming a professional public speaker, on-air host, author, and I'm now a co-founder of two companies and a thriving coaching practice. 


Feeling disempowered sucks and is SO unnecessary. It's also self-inflicted. Your life is too important to not fulfill your desires and purpose. You can't afford to waste any more precious time, and I have a plan to guide you through the fear and into your power so you can get on with it!

I am a certified life coach and Empowerment specialist with over two decades of experience helping countless women and womenpreneurs connect with their power, align with purpose and go on to uplift the world in amazing ways. 

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Anniston Blair Riekstins is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, wife and mother of two. She has spent over twenty years in the Marketing industry helping to build global luxury brands. She's also the Co-Founder of Divine Awakening Space, a spiritual lifestyle brand, and Co-Founder of Energetic Business Consulting where she works alongside her husband and fellow coach, Rudi Riekstins.


         GLENDA - AUSTIN, TEXAS           


My coaching with Anniston helped me recognize my innate talents and abilities as well as issues I still need to work on.  My time with her was uplifting, affirming, and a true gift to myself!   With the information Anniston shared, I was able to set new goals to address roadblocks to my personal and spiritual growth. 

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to know more about themself on a deeper level."


author of The Way of Knowingness 

 Anniston's coaching was unique and life-changing, and it came at a time when I was in need of re-branding my business as well as restoring my day-to-day levels of joy and fulfillment. The insight she provided has allowed me to better understand how I was unknowingly sabotaging my progress and how I could better utilize my gifts, talents, and abilities to accomplish my goals in a simpler, more

effortless way.
    If you feel confused and stagnant, and you’re yearning to create momentum in your life; if you sense that you have outgrown your personal or professional life; if you want to explore how you can lift your vibrational energy to attract more abundance; if you’re thinking about starting a business and wanting to create your own unique brand; or, if you already have a business and need to re-brand—this is the time to take action. If you’re ready to better understand your purpose and fuel the momentum toward a joyful future, schedule a consultation with

Anniston now!

  YOLANDI BELL, CAPE TOWN, SA.        Life Coach  

Opening the door with Anniston, to finding my intrinsic purpose in this life has pushed me towards taking the first steps on the road of what I now consider the highway of my real life, and it is exhilarating. It is something that I wish every person could do for themselves. Anniston has come in to this life as a truly gifted individual. She has an endearing kindness about her that filters through the way she works, and her heightened spiritual perception gives her the authentic ability assist me in weaving the pieces of the puzzle together after which she is able to deliver honest insight into who you are as a person, and what you have come to do. It has been a truly remarkable experience.”

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